About Me

Designing With Passion

Shifting gears from technical instruction to Learning and Development, I’m all about taking the best of traditional classroom methods and Instructional design while embracing the power of digital learning technologies. I’m a big fan of learner-focused, experiential learning, especially when it comes to effective online learning. I get a great buzz from working in a team and liasing with SME’s to create and evaluate valuable learning content.

My Learning Philosophy

Forget the “Test and Tick” mentality; I’m a huge believer in Experiential and Scenario-based learning through

  • Context – Demonstrate the content in a real life scenario
  • Challenge – Let the Learner take control and give time to reflect
  • Call to Action – Get the learner stuck in and implement the learning
  • Feedback – Allow the learner to grow into the knowledge in bitesize chunks

For me, the most important factor in designing a motivating and engaging learning experience is to give the learner a sense of autonomy and mastery of the subject and thus “a real sense of learning“. 

That is what my learning experiences thrive to achieve.

Work experience

For more information about the roles I’ve held and the impact I’ve made on organisations, please visit my LinkedIn profile

What Others Say...

Johann Kunz

Nicholas Wolfe is a person who is competent, diligent and dynamic. Autonomous and organised, he is also a very good team player and shows great flexibility as the world changes.

Johann Kunz
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Lauren Cantin

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Lauren Cantin

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